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3 Month run drills, run training, strength + mobility training program to get you running better, further, faster, and without pain.

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What's included in Resilient Runner Program

6 x 60 minute one on one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Includes modalities as needed such as dry needling, cupping, and soft tissue work

Video Running/ Gait Analysis with Run Easy technology

3 month strength + mobility program, training plan review, and access to online coaching

Each session will be tailored to a specific goal,

*Session 1: runner history and initial running assessment

*Session 2: Deep dive into your musculoskeletal system to look for stiffness and weakness 

*Session 3: Run warm-up education and run drills 

*Session 4: Run mechanics: this will be a big day where we spend most of the time working on run drills and run training, working on your mechanics

*Session 5: Progression of strength and mobility work along with any hands on work needed 

*Session 6: Reassess your running with the runeasi technology and compare before and after. Tie up any loose ends 

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