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Elevate Your Run: Expert Physical Therapy for Peak Performance

Running Physical Therapy and Gait Analysis in Orlando

Revolutionize Your Run: Orlando's Premier Running Assessment Service

Unlock the full potential of your run with our meticulously crafted Running Assessment Service in Orlando

Orlando Physical Therapy - Core Values PT

Video Gait Analysis

Dive deep into the dynamics of your running mechanics with our expert team. We don't just observe; we analyze with precision.

Through a comprehensive evaluation that includes cutting-edge video gait analysis, we pinpoint the nuances of your running style. Our specialists are adept at identifying even the subtlest inefficiencies or anomalies that could be hindering your performance or paving the way for future injuries.

Unveiling Your Power and Poise: The Comprehensive Strength and Flexibility Assessmen

Evaluate your muscular strength and joint flexibility. This detailed examination is not just a routine check; it's a revelatory process that uncovers hidden imbalances or deficits. By shining a light on these often-overlooked aspects of your physicality, we gain invaluable insights into how they may be subtly influencing your running form.

This assessment is crucial in understanding the full picture of your body's capabilities while running. It's about pinpointing the precise areas where enhancement can lead to remarkable improvements in your performance. Our goal is to transform these insights into actionable steps, guiding you towards a running technique that's not only efficient but also harmonious with your body's natural strengths and capabilities. 

Orlando Physical Therapy - Core Values PT

What you receive with Running PT at Core Values

Ideal for runners of all levels

  • Preliminary Runner's Consult

  • Strength and Flexibility Assessment

  • Runners Education

  • Mental Edge Coaching

  • Personalized PT and Run Training Plan

  • The latest running techniques

What does Running Physical Therapy look like?

Injured runner or want to shave time of your mile? You're in the right place.

Orlando Physical Therapy - Core Values PT

Advanced Video Gait Analysis

Discover the intricacies of your run with our cutting-edge Video Gait Analysis. Using advanced technology, we analyze your stride, posture, and technique in slow motion, identifying inefficiencies and potential injury risks. It’s not just observation; it’s a detailed study to perfect your run.

Precision Shoe Assessment

The right shoes can transform your run. Our Footwear Assessment ensures your shoes provide optimal support and performance. We evaluate and recommend, turning your footwear into an asset for your running journey.

Empower Education

Knowledge is power, especially in running. Our education component covers running mechanics, injury prevention, and self-management, empowering you with the tools for a smarter, safer run.

Runners Nutrition

A balanced diet is essential for runners. Our Nutritional Guidance personalizes your diet to enhance your performance and well-being, ensuring you're not just running hard, but also running smart.

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