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Finally, a tool that actually gets you out of pain

Dry Needling at Core Values PT in Orlando

Dry Needling is the missing link from getting you out of pain, and back to doing what you love

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Orlando Physical Therapy - Core Values PT

Say goodbye to pain

Bid farewell to persistent pain and discomfort, and embrace the active lifestyle you love. Dry needling, an innovative form of physical therapy, utilizes ultra-fine needles to target and stimulate specific points in your muscles and soft tissues. These needles are expertly inserted into particular areas known as trigger points — tight, knotted muscle regions that are often the source of pain and discomfort.

This precise stimulation through dry needling works to alleviate pain and enhance muscle functionality. It's a technique designed not just to treat pain but to improve your overall muscle health, paving the way for a smoother return to your active, pain-free life.

You've tried everything, and you're still in pain

In your search for relief from relentless back pain, you've tried it all. Massage therapy, once a beacon of hope, has proven ineffective. Frustration mounts as you recall the countless 30-minute sessions with various providers, none of which have alleviated your discomfort. Your journey has been a carousel of different therapies, yet your chronic pain persists, stubbornly unyielding. Even with a dedicated focus on mobility exercises, your shoulders remain prisoners to pain.

In a bid for comfort, you've changed your running shoes repeatedly, hoping for some respite for your aching calves, but to no avail. Meanwhile, headaches have become an unwelcome yet regular part of your life, leaving you at a loss for solutions. It's in this landscape of unrelenting discomfort that dry needling emerges as a promising beacon, offering a novel approach to target and alleviate the deep-rooted sources of your pain.

Orlando Physical Therapy - Core Values PT

What can Dry Needling Help With? 

Progressive relief for active individuals

  • Chronic pain

  • Tension headaches & migraines 

  • Naggy running related injuries

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Sciatica

  • Any nerve related tightnesses 

Want to see if Dry Needling is for you? 

Click the button and book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. We can answer any dry needling related questions you have, and talk about if your injury is a good fit for it