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Strength Training for Runner Class

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Strength Training for Runners Clss

Prevent injury, strength train effectively for runners, stay accountable to your strength and mobility, work on therapeutic exercise to manage pesky running aches and pains, follow a program hand written by a doctor of physical therapy and run coach. 



Mondays and Wednesdays at 6am

Have access to a doctor of physical therapy at all times and track your progress

Evaluate your muscular strength and joint flexibility. This strength class is a revelatory process that uncovers hidden imbalances or deficits. By shining a light on these often-overlooked aspects of your physicality, we gain invaluable insights into how they may be subtly influencing your running form.

This class is crucial in maintaining and finding the full picture of your body's capabilities while running. It's about pinpointing the precise areas where enhancement can lead to remarkable improvements in your performance. Our goal is to transform these insights into actionable steps, guiding you towards a running technique that's not only efficient but also harmonious with your body's natural strengths and capabilities. 

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What you receive with strength training for runners at Core Values

Ideal for runners and weight lifing of all levels

  • Preliminary strength assessment

  • Preliminary mobility Assessment

  • Continuous Runners Education

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy led class

  • Personalized Strength Program written by a doctor of physical therapy

  • Guaranteed Proper Form and modifications as needed 

What does a small group strength training for runners class look like

Injured runner or want to shave time off your mile? You're in the right place.


Continuous Guidance and Accountability

As doctors of physical therapy, we are movement experts. You will be working out under the watchful eye of Dr. Austin Jackson or Dr. Rebecca Smith to make sure your technique is perfect and you are using the correct weights and variations to achieve your goals. You will always have the class so no skipping your strength training!

Strength program to enhance, not interfere with your running 

The right strength session can truly enhance your performance. The programming will supplement your running rather than leave you sore or too tired to complete your next run. 

Empower Education

Knowledge is power, especially in running. Our education component covers running mechanics, injury prevention, and self-management, empowering you with the tools for a smarter, safer run. All while strength training with other runners.

Runners Nutrition and hydration 

A balanced diet is essential for runners. Our Nutritional Guidance personalizes your diet to enhance your performance and well-being, ensuring you're not just running hard, but also running smart.

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